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Working together

Creating great content is a team effort. We are more than happy to not just get to know your business, but to work together as well. We help you create content inhouse with strong collaboration and smart ways of sharing files. 

Case: Dupont

Content optimization

We try to get as much out of your content as possible. By continuously developing and improving existing content, based on data and user info, you are able to serve your clients even better, ultimately creating successful content.



We like to think big: a piece of content can be used in many shapes and forms. We believe content is not only to be used for service purposes, but also during pre- and aftersales. By giving your content a broader platform we cut costs and drive results. Combining contents from video, blogs, whitepapers, and webpages gives you a strong base to communicate with.


It is not just about having a lot of content: it has to be findable too. With smart Search Engine Optimization, we make it easier for your leads to find you. Wiljekoffie uses the latest and ever-changing techniques for this  – did you know that subtitles in multiple languages for videos drive SEO results up?