The 3 pillars of Inbound

We convert data into opportunities. With a real-time overview of how your business is performing,
we collect data that translates to possibilities for improvement and growth.

Inbound technology focusses on the following three areas:

  • Marketing – attracting the right prospects
  • Sales – start helping instead of selling
  • Service – convert customers into promoters
3 pillars of Inbound
Combining these three focus areas into one strong system creates a bunch of opportunities. Are you ready for the next step?


It’s easy to get lost in the world of marketing nowadays. We focus only on tools that have a proven positive impact on your business. Wiljekoffie will help you set up a clear strategy and will integrate the tools you need.

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We know that it should be less selling, and more helping. We help you create a clear strategy that helps you grow your business efficiently and effectively.

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Inbound customer service is the methodology of attracting, engaging, and delighting your customers to turn them into your business’ loyal advocates. By solving your customers’ problems and helping them achieve success using your product or service, you can delight your customers and turn them into a growth engine for your business.

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The first rule of company culture used to be that you didn’t talk about it. Culture should just happen. Talking about your company’s DNA might taint it. Or worse, ruin it. But that’s changed. Today, everybody talks about culture. In fact, the first rule of Culture Club is that you do talk about culture.

The more we talk about culture, the more we can think critically about it. It’s no longer enough to just say you care about creating a company people love. If organizations truly want their people, business, and community to grow, we have to walk the walk. We have to not just build culture, but iterate on it over time.