Wiljekoffie for the CEO

As the (marketing) director you’re in charge of providing direction, guidance, and leadership to your teams. They typically manage the marketing of a business, organization, particular product or group of products.

The marketing team is responsible for:

  • Leadgeneration
  • Marketing automation
  • Analytics
  • Maintaining the website / webshop

Your team is working 24/7 with a lot of tools to help them. Since the tools are getting more advanced, they require special expertise to get the full potential out of the tool stack. For you, as the director, it’s important to steer on ROI and reports. But how do you do this efficiently?

As the Hubspot specialist, we help you manage this. We’ll provide you with help to set up an inclusive tool to generate real-time KPIs on the metrics that are important for you. And to increase impact, we help you by enabling your marketing team to work efficiently.

Wiljekoffie for the Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, you want to get the full potential out of your marketing budget. You’re constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to generate leads and convert them into happy customers.

Wiljekoffie helps in setting up all tools and the integration with Hubspot. We often work retainer-based and become a part of your team. We are comfortable with highly complex integrations and migrations. Challenge us!

Marketing Dashboards

There’s more happening on your website than you’d think. Smart marketing dashboards show the total number of sessions on your website, how many contacts were generated, and how many of them turned into actual customers. Using conversion rates we identify where your biggest bottlenecks are and how they’re changing over time.

Get real-time insights on how visitors are using your website and identify new opportunities to convert them into customers.
The Landing Page Performance report shows the views, submissions, views to submissions rate, and the number of new contacts generated by your landing pages in the specified date range. These totals also include contacts generated by website pages.
The Top Personas report breaks down the contacts created within the selected date range by persona. You can see which personas your contacts have been assigned to or self-identified with to better understand who is engaging with your content.

Marketing Tools

Grow traffic and convert more visitors with better websites, landing pages, videos, forms, marketing automation, analytics, and advertising.

Send personalized emails that your prospects will look forward to receiving and measure which messages are most effective. Count on un-matched deliverability and best-in-class email analytics.
SEO has changed. Generate more qualified traffic and grow your impact with tools that help you plan and execute a content strategy built for the way modern search engines work.
Trigger actions based on any criteria you choose, including form submissions, site revisits, video views, and much more. Rotate leads to your sales team. Create deals, tasks, and trigger notifications to automate your team’s workflow.
Easily personalize everything: from your emails to your content and calls-to-action. See specific details about a contact and their company, or swap out entire blocks of content & conversion paths to make their experience more personal.
Predictive Lead Scoring takes hundreds of demographic and behavioral factors into account to automatically score contacts based on their likelihood to buy.
Using Google AdWords, advertising on Facebook or LinkedIn? Get insights that show you not just views and clicks, but leads, customers, and the actual ROI of your campaigns.
Publish and schedule social media posts. See every interaction with your messages, and create custom keyword monitoring streams for everyone on your team to surface the interactions. Never miss an opportunity to engage with followers or delight your customers.
Attract more visitors and make it easy to create and optimize content with recommendations. Measure which articles are having an impact and why.
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