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4 ideas to deal with online lead generation in troubled times

Author avatar Bas Welhuis
Dec 6, 2022
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4 ideas to deal with online lead generation in troubled times

Due to the current Covid-19 virus, we see that many of our customers have to cancel almost all tradeshows. This has a significant impact on the number of leads that are generated and therefore indirectly on turnover. However, this situation also offers an opportunity to opt for a change in strategy now. You could choose to greatly improve your online presence, which has a major impact on the amount of leads that are generated.

  1. Online accountmanager

sequences editor

One of the ideas is to build an online account manager. This is a process that is closely aligned with the customer journey, giving the customer the idea that he or she is communicating with an employee of yours.

  1. Videocalls


Organizing video calls has several advantages. The first advantage is that can work remotely during the Covid outbreak. The second advantage is that you save travel time. It is also a good opportunity to give live demonstrations. This does require that the right presentation tools are available.

During the call you can show video-material, go through documents together and go into details live.

In addition, it is possible to send the recording of the conversation afterward together with a recap and follow-up. This is usually experienced as very pleasant.

  1. Hosting webinars

Xsens webinar

Image: Webinar hosted by Xsens (client) as an example.

A webinar is a virtual meeting in which you generally delve deeper into a certain topic. We see that a webinar takes between 30 and 60 minutes on average. It offers prospects the opportunity to do a Q&A.

Next to this, a webinar is a great way to collect more information about your participants such as job titles, reflections on your statements and much more.

In general, webinars have benefits that are more permanent than you may think.

  1. Ad campaigns

Hubspot ad campaign

Chances are that prospects who intended to go to a tradeshow are currently conducting online research to find a solution to the problem they are experiencing. It is possible to set up an ad campaign within a very short time period to be immediately findable for this target audience. Especially for B2B companies it is interesting to target a 'micro-audience’ on LinkedIn or Google Ads.

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