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How to optimize your website for marketeers

Author avatar Maureen Poth
Nov 25, 2022
CMS Marketing
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How to optimize your website for marketeers

One of the most common mistakes made by companies is a website that does not think of customer needs. Your homepage is the face of your company a first impression to most of your customers, and this should make clear what you do and what you want to achieve.

How would you want to see a website? Think of it as a customer. Design choices can be very ‘pretty’ but think of what’s best for customer use, this is normally measured by the conversation rate.

Tip: Don’t use to much information or images that don’t fit content.

Your homepage is what decides if a customer leaves or not, this percentage can be seen in your bounce rate. According to website statistics it takes a customer 0,05 seconds to judge a website. You want those 0,05 seconds to count your homepage should say what you do, customers will not search the website for answers to this. Make a visual design that works with the content, don’t choose unnecessary things. An image can say more than a 1000 words so use this, it gives the customer an idea of what to expect.


75% of customers judge a company’s credibility on the website


The use of unnecessary content can make people doubt your credibility. Make the customer feel as if you know what you are talking about. Share your knowledge but keep in mind what your buyer persona would want, don’t overdo it.

You want a professional and clean website, don’t make the customer search. Make sure your menu is easy to use, your customer needs to navigate through your website without trouble. A common mistake is a bad menu, either not visible or unclear. You want your menu to be found right away, and the options accustomed to customer use. This will make your click trough rate go up immediately.

A professional easy to use website will make your customers believe in your knowledge. This will make you a more trustworthy option and gives a good first expression.

According to Google research 53% of customers does research before buying a product. You want to look professional and give them additional value throughout your website. Show your customers you are a professional and trustworthy company (this can be seen in the form of reviews). Give them a good experience with every customer journey. Customers might not always stay or buy your products, but a good experience sells. They might recommend your company to others interested.