Content partner

Together with our specialist design partner Studio Kern and Demcon Nymus3D we’ve developed a wide variety of video’s. These video’s are used for online purposes (YouTube / website), for tradeshows and offline immersive experiences.

Content partner
DuPont: The customer demand.

Stereoscopic 3D

Stereoscopy is a film technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth in an image by means of stereopsis for binocular vision. For creating an immersive tradeshow experience for DuPont we’ve decided to create a stereoscopic video.

DuPont has given us the opportunity to create this unique immersive experience and this creative video. The result is something we’re very proud of!

Storyboard to animation
From Storyboard to animation

Native translations & subtitles

Together with DuPont we’ve produced multiple animation video’s. These video’s are ideally suited for translation. This will give the viewer the best experience possible. Next to translations we’re handling several multilingual subtitle projects. This can be done on two ways:

  • Hardcoded (rendered in the videofile)
  • Softcoded (subtitle file for a HTML player)

In order to work well together in these complex projects, we have made a digital asset management (DAM) available so that we can easily respond to iterations and changes.






Content Production / Inbound Marketing

Flawless animations

We are committed to helping people explain their work in the most effective manner by creating visualizations that support their message.

Think bigger

Our assets should be able to be used in the typical digital (web) and social (LinkedIn/ Youtube) channels in order to get the message in front of the important stakeholders in our complete value chain. Next to this we’ll try to get as much SEO value out of your assets. Think of translations, subtitles or interactive video.

idea to Film

From idea to Film...

Different Formats

In the world of digital video production and distribution, few topics are more convoluted and confusing than choosing an appropriate video format. The reasons for this are both numerous and varied.

First and foremost, not every video format is compatible with every digital platform when it comes to production and playback. This can create tremendous problems while attempting to input, output, upload, and download necessary files. And that’s why there’s no real “best video format” out there, rather best video formats for doing different things.

HTML5 Banners

HTML5 is the latest update of HTML, the web language that browsers use in order to display web pages. This fifth upgrade of HTML helps designers and developers better take advantage of it and create animations and videos directly into the code of one page, that in the past needed plugins like Flash. HTML5 ads can be displayed on desktops, smartphones and tablets removing the need of creating different sizes and version of the same banner ad.

The results



Steer on KPI's

Number of times used in customer meetings, feedback from Distributors on usefulness, number of views on DuPont youtube/website, number of new followers for DuPont LinkedIn account


Decrease in cost

Move Training Online

When it comes to bringing a balance between training quality and cost reduction, eLearning can be a game changer. This isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a scalable way of making training activities, materials and assessments available to many busy employees all over the world.