Wiljekoffie specializes in converting traditional companies into inbound organizations. This means that, in the case of TMSi, we have helped to help their customers as well as possible.

We started with rebranding the TMSi website because, in this case, this is the most important channel for generating leads. At the same time, we have produced the introduction and promotional film for the latest TMSi product. The TMSi Saga.

Product launch TMSi Saga

The SAGA 32+/64+ the newest product of TMSi. The SAGA consists of two separable parts, a Data Recorder and Docking Station. Since it very versatile it will replace a couple of older products from TMSi.

The briefing for this product launch was: demonstrate the reliability and flexiblity of the system. Without compromizing the quality of the data. For this video we’ve done the:

  • Creative concept
  • Storyboarding
  • Models
  • Film
  • Editing
  • Post production
  • Online promotion

The launch of the TMSi Saga was a huge succes.




2018 - now


Content Production / Inbound Marketing / Inbound Sales / Inbound Service

Inbound sales

In order to guide customers as effectively as possible during the purchase of an amplifier, TMSi has chosen to organize inbound sales for the organization. This means that TMSi has a very accurate insight into the current deal status and that customers experience a very pleasant purchasing process.

Inbound service

One of the most important USPs of TMSi is the quality and level of service after purchasing products. Because TMSi needs to handle all types of requests and support from all kinds of different channels, Hubspot has been chosen. Via Hubspot it is possible to create and monitor tickets, build a knowledge base and use 1: 1 video. In addition, TMSi is now able to collect NPS scores relatively easily.

The results


Time reduction

In sales & service

Together with TMSi we’ve automated most of the time-consuming daily tasks. This time can now be used to spend on clientfacing tasks to help customers even better.


More leads

Over the last 12 months

Since Hubspot Growth Suite is in place we’re now capable of having a complete overview on how the sales, marketing & service for TMSi is performing. This shows that we’ve generated 72% more leads over the last 12 months compared to last year.