Personalized website

Because Xsens has to deal with 3 completely different customer profiles, we have chosen to build a personalized website together with Xsens. We built this on Hubspot CMS. The reason for choosing Hubspot CMS is that all marketing information is already available in Hubspot CRM. This allows us to offer customers the best experience that belongs to the segment in which they belong.

Personalized website

Data-driven marketing

Together with Xsens we are working on a weekly basis to optimize the lead generation plan. Choices are made based on accurate data that is available in real-time. An example is the implementation of pillar pages in order to get the most out of the website’s SEO and to help the customer as well as possible.

Data-driven marketing

High-end content production

One of the most important parts of Xsens content is video. We have completed several complex projects throughout the Years.

A short summary of the content productions:

The video shown below is the commercial for the launch of Xsens MVN Animate in mid 2017.

The launch of MVN Animate is a huge success, thanks to the fact that it gives unbelievable clean data. But also thanks to the MVN Road Tour, the Choose Your Engine campaign and of course the MVN Animate video (shown above).

The MVN Animate video was filmed at CTT in Enschede, we specifically choose for a container terminal to show our immunity for magnetic distortion, something that is groundbreaking for inertial motion capture. In this blog, we will give some more insights into how this video was produced.

We took the challenge to go for a one-shot commercial, it gives an extra dimension to the credibility of the video as it clearly shows there are no cuts, edits or tricks. The challenge during filming was to continuously monitor the positioning of the character and keep track of the dancer. To keep it workable for the cameraman, the camera was strapped into a camera rig.

The film work was shot with a RED Epic Dragon camera, Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 35mm Cine Lens and the set was stabilized by a DJI Ronin Gimbal.





2013 - now


Content Production / Inbound Marketing / Inbound Service

Data-driven technology

Based on realtime reports that are generated within Hubspot we’re capable of making long-term decisions. With deal attribution reporting it’s possible to track down ROI on a single customer level.

Integration partner

Xsens works with multiple systems to handle marketing, sales & service. Together with Salesforce & Wistia we’re capable to get a 360° overview of a customer. This enables sales-reps and service-reps to follow-up properly.

The Result.


More Leads

Higher lead quality

In order to efficiently handle the time of colleagues, it is important to find good coordination about the quality of the leads that are supplied to sales. By using Hubspot in a clever way, we are able to identify SQLs faster.


Training cost reduction

Self-support enablement

By creating a high-end tutorial environment & training content we’ve enabled Xsens customer to do training themselves. This is also a huge plus for ‘bigger’ customers of Xsens when handing over the product to colleagues. The saved time can now be used to support customers even better.