You don’t care about tools, you want insights.

Know your client, know your company. By delivering you detailed data on the three main areas of your company, we help you make decisions that lead to growth. 


– How is your marketing team is performing overall?
– Do you know which trade show tribes the most leads?
– Which campaigns deliver an ROI – and which don’t?
– Why serve the same website to everyone when you can personalize them?
– Which referrals are driving the most customers?
– Is paid or organic traffic driving the most leads?



– How are your reps moving deals from stage to stage?
– Are there certain stages from which deals aren’t progressing?
– Which of your reps has the most deals in the works?
– How close are those deals to closing?
– How many calls, emails, meetings, notes, and tasks has your team logged in the selected time frame?
– How is my team performing in reality vs. goals?
– Do we have a lot of grant applications open?



– Do you have a high-level understanding of your customer service team productivity?
– What is your customer satisfaction score? (NPS)
– And do you know how it is developing?
– Do you have a knowledge base, to take time and work of your customer service team?
– Is there an automatic follow up in place after a deal gets closed?
– Does your customer service team know everything about the customer in one place? And can they upsell if they have the opportunity?

We see that a lot of companies are working with multiple systems and multiple dashboards. In this case, it’s really hard to come up with accurate and real-time information. We make sure all your data is collected and presented in a clear way, showing you exactly where the opportunities lie.

Bas Welhuis

We put you in charge

By enabling you to measure the performance of your entire marketing, sales and service team in one place with built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards. It’s everything you need to be a smarter, data-driven director or manager. Let’s build it together!

Focus on your core-business

A single, centralized home for all your marketing, sales, and service data

Providing you with multiple integrated and connected dashboards for executives, different teams, and divisions, all your employees will have the relevant and accurate data they need to work even better together. With personalized experiences the data for any activity is at hand: sales can see revenue and growth, while service focuses on the ticket pipeline and customer satisfaction. The CEO can combine all important metrics from these team-dashboards into one general top-level dashboard.

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