Marketing, Sales & Service alignment

Let’s be honest: in many companies, the sales and marketing teams don’t like each other very much. Sales reps complain that marketers deliver them leads that aren’t worth the effort to close a sale. In response, marketers say that sales reps are too lazy to work the good leads they’ve been handed and are only interested in a quick deal.

You want to align these teams so they can go out as one team and the customer can be in the center of all this. Sales needs information from marketing. What pages did our leads they visit? How did they come in? What are they interested in? Customer Service needs information from sales and marketing. What deals are open? Did they already do some research?

We will bring your marketing, sales, and service teams together in one, powerful, integrated system, so your customers will have the best experience possible.

Information hand-off

As Marketing, Sales & Service teams work together more intensively, it is important that information hand-off is smooth and clear. Our challenge is to connect all this information to the right contact so that you have a 360 ° overview of the customer.

We see that sales-teams and service-teams are benefitting from marketing insights. And the same thing goes the other way around. By discussing insights regularly between the three different teams, cross-process insight is created. That’s what we call ‘unite’.

Marketing, Sales and Service success only comes when each side works toward shared goals.

Davey Minkhorst
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