High-tech environments made simple

We'll help you focus on what you do best.

Simple but sophisticated processes help complicated, high-tech businesses thrive. We help you develop growth stack platforms that give you better and actionable insights in your sales process.

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High-tech products means high expectations for support

Any supplier of high tech solutions knows that the aftercare is a crucial part of the success of the product. We know that too.

We empower your customer support team and give them the tools to become customer success managers. They'll be able to leverage the full power of the HubSpot CRM and CMS, having an answer ready before your customers even finish typing.

Customer Journey Wiljekoffie

Take control of the customer journey

Long sales cycles like yours have a ton of touchpoints, and the customer journey can be a zig-zagging road. With HubSpots solutions we move towards a quicker Time to Value and make complex product easier to sell.

Through smart content management for instance, with a solid knowledge base. But also by implementing a state-of-the-art CRM, making sure everyone in your organization is always 100 percent up to speed.

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Changing Forward

The success of any solution, even ours, depends on the implementation of it. And a crucial piece of that puzzle, is your people.

We have extensive experience with change management in all types of high-tech environments, and we know how to get everyone on board.

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Customers Wiljekoffie

We know your customers

One person decides to download your whitepaper, another uses your calculator. They both have different needs. It's crucial you understand them, and can deliver the right content to them - preferrably automatically.

Persona's are a powerful tool to personalize your marketing and sales strategies, but only if you back them up with real data and smart solutions. From smart CTAs to smart lists, we set up exactly the right things for every stage of the customer journey.

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“Wil Je Koffie is our sparring partner, our troubleshooting partner and our implementation partner when it comes to HubSpot related challenges”

Remco Sikkema - Marketing Manager Xsens